How Do I Become Mystery Shopper

How do I start? You complete an on-line application at any MSC ( Mystery-Consumer.Com ) website (see website info) and within minutes you will receive an acceptance e-mail. Now you have access to their on line job board where you can accept the shop of your choice. Some companies have a long approval process or only respond if they have work in your area.

Your obligation: Once you clicked on accept you are expected to complete the shop according to the company guidelines, otherwise, the company has the right to decline your shop, which means you will not be paid. It is like any other business you are expected to fulfill your obligation as promised and meet your given deadline.

The shop itself: To give you an idea of what you might be asked to do:
For a restaurant visit you might be asked to arrive between six and eight o'clock, for a dinner for two. How were you greeted and treated, did they go out of their way to make you feel welcome, tell you with enthusiasm about the wonderful dishes... cleanliness of restroom and timings for everything from your arrival, to drinks, to entrée, dessert, accuracy of your bill, payment procedures...

Usually the report will ask you to rate the food in detail including the presentation, so pay attention. At the end of your meal be sure you have an itemized receipt to submit as proof of shop and for your reimbursement payment.

A bank shop may involve evaluating the level of service you received while making a deposit at the teller counter. You may be required to speak to a representative about opening a new account, obtain a name and a business card and objectively rate their presentation.

The next step is submitting your report on line. Remember to be objective in your reports.

Payment will be either by Pay Pal, or it may arrive by check or it might be a direct deposit into your checking account. Be prepared and open a free account at the Pay Pal website for companies to send your shop payments to. Decide which e-mail account you will use to conduct all of your mystery shopping business. Each company has their own payment cycle, usually stated in the FAQ on their website. Payment can be as fast as a week or two, but the norm is once a month with several companies taking six weeks. There are a few lightning fast payers and others that take two months or more to pay.

While most shops are not glamorous and have modest to low fees, there is the occasional lucrative offer, a luscious spa shop, all those truly fine dining shops, tickets to an amusement park shop the whole family will enjoy. Always remember that this is a business and if you would like to see more offers and gain access or better yet receive a referral for a particularly well paying shop then do a good job every time.

In order to paint a true picture of what you can expect to see, I have to say that there are a lot of shops paying in the neighborhood of $5 and $15. These might include a chain of gas stations where you will be asked to take a picture of their restroom, make a purchase at the pump (usually reimbursed but read your guidelines) and rate the condition of the premises, their customer service including another purchase in the convenience store.