mystery shopper jobs hk

The demand of the job are basically spy skills. Mystery shopping networks is like a spy game the of the retail world, with secret agents dispatched to evaluate the service of various shops, hotels, and other services. And because the management of these shops are eager to know how their staff perform (or sometimes, how their competitors perform), they’ll generally pay a fee and/or pay for your purchases.

Nearly all major retailers and hotels use a third party to evaluate their customer service. The Hong Kong Retail Management Association helps everyone from The Spaghetti House to Chevignon gauge their service standard. And of course, that means somebody gets to eat free pasta and wear some gratis jeans.

A typical mystery shopping assignment goes like this: you are first briefed with your assignment and the goals of the mission. Then you walk into the appointed business as a perfectly normal customer who wants to buy shoes/find a new perfume/stay in the presidential suite. It’s important to pay close attention to everything the staff say and do as it will be on a survey later. Then you follow the directions given at your briefing, which will usually involve making some requests and asking certain questions. On a hotel assignment, for example, this might involve ordering room service at 3am or getting a massage (it’s a tough job). Following your visit, you fill out a detailed questionnaire online and receive reimbursement and/or payment at the end of the month.

The most basic elements required to be a mystery shopper are good observation and writing skills in order to recall and adequately describe your experience. Time on your hands and a penchant for shopping (obviously) are also de rigueur, as is bit of ready cash – usually you’ll be paying out of pocket and reimbursed later. For some firms, free training is offered before you embark on your shopping missions.

The pay scale of a mystery shopper depends mainly on the complexity of the task and of the questionnaires. Hotel mystery shopping will reap higher compensation due to its high time cost while an extended exit questionnaire that requires extreme detail or some odd antics will also pay more. Depending on the client, mystery shoppers can also keep what they buy as part of their compensation. The most popular giveaways are cosmetic products, spa services or hotel stays, as well as clothing and footwear. In general, the basic market price is about $300 per store visit.

A search on Google or go to Mystery-Consumer.Com will open up a world of mysterious shopping possibilities. Good Luck