Can You Make Money As A Mystery Shopper.

I started looking for ways to earn a little money over two years ago when my company started having layoffs and I was damn scared I was going to lose my job. I worked for a good company, and a okay job, but after this first round of layoffs, I figured it was a good time to begin building an insurance policy in case I got fired. And honestly, it would also be nice to have another income stream (to buy a new car, take a nice vacation and to finally pay off the credit card bills and start saving). I thought about taking a second job but I wanted to have a life and I enjoy spending free time with my family and friends. So I started looking for ways to make money myself!

I spent the next several months trying almost every business opportunity (both online and off) and even tried MLM. I was ripped off and scammed a few times with various "get rich quick" schemes and I lost over $2000 in 4 months trying them. I almost gave up. Besides wasting money and trying all of those programs - my performance at work started to suffer.

Fortunately I found a successful program that worked. It showed me that when done well it can really help you make some real money! I continued investing my time and today I am in a position to give you an honest review of what mystery shopping is all about.

It is very possible that you will make much more money as they say you will but you will have to put in more of your time and follow their steps and instructions.

Like I said, if you are looking at other programs besides you are most likely wasting your time - because I probably tried them all by now and is the one that works the best.

By the way, the good news is I never ended up getting laid off and thanks to I did make some extra money to buy a new car, a condo (mortgage free!) and a growing nest egg for a rainy day.

Good luck and don't get scammed,