How to Make Money As A Secret Shopper For Mystery Shopping

Become a secret shopper and make money mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping can be a great way for teenagers, mom’s, or really anyone to make extra money. Mystery shopping jobs are especially ideal for anyone who likes to shop. Mystery shopping is not a get rich quick scheme, and it is a legitimate way to earn some money. A mystery shopper can earn anywhere from $30 - $50 per assignment. Some mystery shoppers are paid by the hour.

What is mystery shopping? Basically, mystery shopping companies
hire mystery shoppers (also called secret shoppers), to regularly visit retailer stores and conduct normal every day consumer shopping activities. The secret shopper will later report their shopping experiences to the mystery shopping company.

A secret shopper is paid to do things like shop at grocery stores, try various restaurants, drive the car, or even go to the movies. Mystery shopping can be easy money, plus you can also receive free meals and merchandise as an added benefit.

The objective of the mystery shopping program is to obtain information about the stores cleanliness, customer service, sales techniques, merchandise displays and so forth. Many
businesses hire mystery shopping companies, so they can make business improvements in the areas reported by the secret shopper.

If you’re interested in making some money being a secret shopper, you should first understand how to go about getting started.