How to make money mystery shopping

Things You'll Need:

·        computer
·        digital camera or scanner
·        stop watch
·        a vehicle

1.     Step 1
Understand what mystery shopping is. Mystery shopping is not a get rich solution or a way to score high ticket items. A mystery shopper provides a valuable service to a client. You can make money and get free merchandise, but don't expect to make a ton of cash. Be realistic.

2.     Step 2
Make sure you have the equipment needed to be a good mystery shopper. You will need transportation to get to your shops or restaurants. A digital camera or scanner is needed to upload proof of receipts. You will also need a watch with a second hand or a stop watch to keep track of time.

3.     Step 3
So many mystery shopping "opportunities" on the web are a scam. The first rule of mystery shopping is that you will NEVER have to pay money to get an assignment. There are websites like that list the real mystery shopping companies for free. Sign up with as many sites as possible to have better chances of getting assignments.

4.     Step 4
Consider getting certified. Yes, even in the world of mystery shopping, there are certifications. If you are certified you may have better chances of getting more desirable assignments. At you can learn about mystery shopping and get certified.

5.     Step 5
Be organized. Once you are getting assignments, keep careful track of them. You will be banned real fast from mystery shopping companies if you flake out on a job. Be honest and punctual. Companies will be more likely to offer you higher paying jobs if you have a good track record.

6.     Step 6

Relax and enjoy yourself. The best mystery shoppers blend in with the crowd. It can be challenging at first to observe so many things without being detected. With practice, you'll get better at remembering someone's name, hair color, eye color, gender, etc...