How to Mystery Shop with Kids

Things You'll Need:

·        kids
·        patience
·        creativity

1.     Step 1
If you have small children, there is no need to sit them down and explain to them that Mommy is a mystery shopper and what mystery shopping means. This will just increase your chances of getting "caught" mystery shopping. Just treat your mystery shopping as a special adventure you are going on. This should suffice.

2.     Step 2
Be sure to schedule your shops around your children's schedules. Don't plan to leave during naptime. Plan for your shops the same way you would plan your other shopping or activities. A good idea would be to plan to do your shop before nap time, and then fill out your online report after you get home and put your children down for naps.

3.     Step 3
If time allows, do other shopping in between your mystery shops. If your usual grocery store is nearby and you need to do grocery shopping, it makes sense to stop before or after performing a shop, or in between two shops.

4.     Step 4

At the same time, don't overwhelm yourself. Don't plan to perform more than three shops per day with children.