Mystery Shopping in the Hotel Industry

Hotel mystery shopping has become an effective research tool for businesses in the hospitality industry. Perhaps more than other businesses, hotels need to be sharply in tune with what their customers want and need. After all, this is essentially what their entire business is built on. If a hotel cant give their guests what they require, you can be sure that they will be losing business and clients very quickly.

The Hospitality Factor

Hotel mystery shopping is a little different from ordinary hidden shopping services. For one thing, the hotel industry relies far more heavily on customer feedback than retail outlets or other business. In such a competitive field, a hotel needs to do far more than just look after their guests. They have to give them what they need and make their stay pleasant enough so that they keep coming back- this means they have to keep their finger on the pulse of their guests needs. The truth is that when it comes to buying something, people will often just go to the nearest shop to buy it. But when it comes to hotels, they are more discerning. In other words, you need to really give them a reason to choose your hotel and come back again.

Different undercover shopping programs for hotels and hospitality businesses provide a powerful tool to assess the performance of your hotel from the perspective of your guests. If these assessments are done on a regular basis, you can get a clear view of what areas are doing well and where there is room for more improvements. You will also be able to get an understanding of what new services you can provide for your guests. It is also possible to get assessments done for particular situations or customer profiles.

What Is Available

For those who are still new to the concept of hotel mystery shopping , it helps to know what a general assessment consists of. An evaluator will check into a room posing as an ordinary guest. However, they will be recording a variety of different information. At the check-in counter, they will make a note on how helpful and friendly the staff was as well as if they had to wait a long time to be served. Data is also collected regarding cleanliness of the lobby as well as the actual room. The evaluator will also inspect the room to see that items like shampoo and soap are provided. They will also keep an eye open for items such as broken fixtures- these are aspects that can quickly make a bad impression on any guest.

Any program for hotel mystery shopping will also have a keen eye on the ambience of the establishment. It is important that the hotel provides a pleasant atmosphere that makes their guests feel both comfortable and welcome. Apart from making assessments on how the guests are treated, evaluators will also take notes on meals, both in the restaurant and those ordered through room service. The housekeeping services are also studied and in some cases, evaluator may request special services such as ironing or laundry.

Since hotel mystery shopping is very different from ordinary hidden shopping, it is best to go with a company that has special expertise in the field of hotel assessments. This should not be too difficult, since a number of companies cater specifically to hotel shopping needs. By using these services on a regular basis, you can be sure that your hotel consistently gives your guests the best possible hospitality experience.