Restaurant Mystery Shopping

All jobs are not equal when it comes to the tricky business of finding the best assignment as an anonymous shopper. For those who came in late, many quality consultants and companies are using a disguised shopper to observe their premises, staff and other areas to allow them to close gaps in customer service. This has led to the growth of a huge industry with associations, forums, events and even chat shows. But because they appear to be so much fun to do, they are not very good paymasters. You are getting to shop – what more do you want seems to be what the employers think. This makes the shop part or the perks in these assignments the biggest criterion of selection.

Restaurant mystery shopping is amongst the most sought after assignments for obvious reasons. You get to try out great new cuisines for free. If the company allows you to take along a person, you can even impress your girlfriend. Apart from restaurant mystery shopping , some of the other great assignments include experiencing a spa service. Imagine people who go to work as a covert agent in a spa. I cannot think of a better way to earn my living. It appears to be the single most relaxing job ever made. Even better than a spa are assignments that give you a reimbursable amount to spend or a voucher for their retail outlet. The only thing better than coming home with a leg massage is having something to wear on the leg

But for a job hunter it is important to know what employers look for when they are hiring. Taking the case of restaurant mystery shopping , the ability to understand and rate food is critical. Not everybody can become an mystery shopper for an eating place. It is necessary to be able to appreciate the various flavors and have considerable experience in the food industry to give an opinion of value. Again different employers look for different demographic profiles when hiring their agents. A pizza parlor may prefer a young teenage agent who will be best positioned to comment while a hotel coffee shop may be looking at a seasoned traveler.

To find a job specifically in the restaurant mystery shopping domain, it would be a good idea to visit website such as Mystery-Consumer.Com or MysteryShopperScams.Com for all the details and you will find job listings as well as comments on the company hosting them. You will get answers to important questions like – How much will it pay, how much I can spend, Can I take along somebody. You can find out if there are any certifications that you can get to make you better qualified for the job. If you are new to the industry, there are various tools that you can download for simplifying your work. Sites also give you event dates, tips on best practices, fraud companies and other useful information.

But it is important to remember that at the end of the day restaurant mystery shopping is a serious job. It may be better than many other jobs but is still a job. It is possible to enjoy the meal as a covert eater but not necessarily what your partner is saying. The focus will need to be on things like cleanliness, speed of service, manners of the staff and of course the food quality and presentation. People who are looking to make a quick buck or just interested in the eating part usually are not a good options as mystery shoppers.