What is Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone mystery shopping is an important part of the overall mystery shopping experience. While a lot of business is transacted at actual shop sites, a growing number of people tend to do their shopping over the phone. Apart from that, things like making inquiries and sensitive issues like lodging a complaint are often done over the phone. In these situations, its imperative to ensure not only that you meet customer needs via telephone, but also that you monitors it regularly.

The Phone Connection

The truth is that mystery shopping taps into a very important part of any business. Even outside the realm of retail, people rely on a business phone service to get information, make reservations, or place orders. If they do not have a good experience with this aspect of your business, you could lose valuable customers. It is important to regularly assess your telephone services to make sure they deliver what your consumers need. This includes good customer service as well as necessary features, like booking products or getting gifts delivered. Unfortunately, many businesses and their employees simply do not take telephone sales very seriously. While they may make an effort to be polite and helpful in person, a number of businesses end up being either unhelpful or impolite over the phone. This is how many businesses end up losing customers and developing a bad reputation.

Telephone mystery shopping will give you a clear idea of what your services are currently like and what can be done to improve them. During a typical calling job, the evaluator will first assess whether the person who answered the call was polite and that they identified themselves by name. They should also be professional and knowledgeable about the problem or information that the caller is talking about. The evaluator will also report if their call keeps getting transferred, how long they are kept on hold and ultimately, whether they were able to get what they called for.

What To Expect

During routine telephonic undercover shopping, the conversation is usually recorded. The evaluator usually makes notes during the call and afterward, will listen to the call again in order to make more in depth notes. Special attention is also paid to the employee attitude and also on how they interact with the customer during the call in many cases, a difficult situation can be made a lot simpler if the employee has a good telephone presence and builds a strong rapport with the customer. Attention is also given to how quickly the employee was able to make a sale, set an appointment, or clear up a problem.

Telephone mystery shopping can give you a clear picture of what is working well and what needs to be addressed immediately with your telephone services. It will also give you a better idea of how you can meet more customer demands would it increase sales if you provided more telephone shopping and ordering facilities would consumers be more responsive to telephone shopping, particularly during the holiday season when stores are often crowded. These are important questions you can test out with telephone mystery shopping .

These hidden shopping assessments can also make it easier to assess what kind of training your employees need. Apart from basic telephone etiquettes, you can also take steps to ensure that issues are dealt with as quickly and easily as possible. Regularly running undercover shopping on your business will keep you up to date on how well your telephone services are doing.